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attempted murder and a use of weapons of mass destruction. he was trying to sell off explosives in his underwear. he's expected to get a life sentence. >>> on another terror plot foiled a plan to cincinnati the saudi arabiaian ambassador to the u.s. now a worldwide warning has been issued for all americans. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton wants iran held accountable for the alleged plot. she called a dangerous escalation of iran support of terrorism. >> this kind of reckless act undermine international norms and the international system. >> reporter: prosecutors charged 56-year-old with planning a foiled scheme of killing saudi ambassador as he died at a washington restaurant. u.s. officials believe the iranian government had a hand in directing the country's first attack on american soil. they have stepped up their sanctions on iran's government and now asking other countries to do the same. >> join us in condemning this threat to international peace and security. >> reporter: state department leaders want to get the support of other countries in condemning iran. th
to use insanity defense, but the lawyers did not use that. the prosecution will use taped interviews with the changing story and the expert and dna evidence. >> the family said they believe in the justice system. >> i hope to find closure after this. if i could say one word, it would be why. >> she walked around the store in size 14 shoes to alter the footprints. they hope to have a jury picked tomorrow night. back to you. . >> that trial should last about eight days. >>> dozens of police officers have been indicted in the case today, 25-year-old jury digs and the 39-year-old, the father pleaded guilty to respond to car accidents in the city. they had their cars towed, even though that company was not authorized to tow for the city. they got paid hundreds to get referred and then in turn file claims and the insurance companies got larger amounts of money -- each man could get five years in prison. >>> more on the corruption trial in the case of a state senator that will use his power in the grocery store chain. what was said today? >> the lieutenant above was part of the parade of fa
today? >> he was shocked. he was shocked. >> reporter: and his son, partnery, refused to talk with us on camera. a court date has yet to be set. live outside of the detention center, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> what a mess, jeb jessica. -- jessica. thank you. >>> drug smugglers are getting increasingly more creative, in their attempt to get drugs into the united states. mary is in the newsroom with the surprising picture you have to see to believe. >> reporter: customs and border protection officers at dulles made the surprising discovery. take a look. cocaine-filled bedpost knobs. they arrived as part of a group of goods carried by a courier from el salvador. agents were experience suspicious and called for some of the items to be x-rayed. and that's when they found the cocaine inside the bed posts. the drug his a street value more than $17,000 and were bound for a location in new york. >> the courier was apparently unaware of what he was transporting and was sent back to el salvador. >>> a plot to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador to the fuzz. -- to the uni
for the night. >> using this alley in the 3200 block of lovegrove street. a popular shortcut from students, one to another. when police say a man claiming he had a gun attacked her, sexually assaulted her and try -- tried to rape her in a parking lot. it's news disturbing to many people near campus. >> i'm shocked and it worries me me. >> strepolice say they have little to go on. >> we're confident that our partnership with the university will help develop a suspect. >> reporter: police say the victim never actually saw a handgun, though the suspect told her he had one. >> university e-mail monday alerted many students to the situation. >> i'm actually in a sorority here on campus. so something happening to a fellow woman on campus is something we addressed. >> samantha olson. shoo and others we talked to called the incident an important reminder. >> i don't always walk around. i always have something with me. i just stay in the house. >> makes you think twice about going out. >> makes you feel safe. >> as for the suspect police don't have much to go on, only that he's a black mal
. >> reporter: and that family friend tells us, he doesn't believe the family had any facility -- financial difficulties. meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> wjzville the -- wjz will have the latest on this developing story tonight at 11:00. >>> a man accused of brutally murdering a teenager with a hatchet. 37-year-old larry horton was arrested yesterday in rural alabama. he's charged in the murder of 18-year-old ryan jackson, who police say was killed with a hatchet. his body discarded in a remote area of curtis bay. when police went to horton's lands down home, they found blood on the wall, carpet and ceiling, the apartment was recently cleaned. police are trying to determine how the men knew each other. >>> the crime rocked charles village. a johns hopkins researcher, killed while walking home from penn station. tonight, his killer learns his fate. wjz is live. weijia jiang explains how long john waggoner will spend in prison. >> police said the judge was showing the convicted killer the same mercy that was shown to the victim when he handed down the most serious punishment in this
overpass. but is expected to survive. this mother who lives feet from the shooting scene, and asked us not to show her face is ned up with the -- fed up with the crime. >> this is showing us that we don't have a conscious anymore. >> reporter: the manager of her apartment complex was shot to death a year ago. after this, she doesn't feel safe anymore. >> the stuff around here is ridiculous. >> reporter: police are taking away evidence collected at the scene. there was a fast and large response from federal and baltimore county officers as they searched for the gunman. >> reporter: and the commissioner sa -- is saying tonight, employees should be cautious. they are beefing up security at the campus. >> and the victim is being treated at sinai hospital. >> armed and dangerous after police say an officer is forced to open fire. >> well, vic, officers were called for reports of an armed man at the house. it happened here at the 3600 block of st. victor's street. when the suspect refused to comply with repeated orders to drop the weapon. at least one officer opened fire. the victim's identi
back, hopefully in the beginning of next week. and that may give us more information about whether this driver was under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. >> reporter: police say mcnutt was driving a blue pickup truck, registered to his roommate, at speeds close to 100 miles per hour. crossing three lanes of traffic to get away from police. mcnutt died when he crashed into a tree. >> he was speeding out in front of eight or 10 cars at one time. and he could have hit thousands of people and could have killed them all. >> reporter: neighbors say they didn't know mcnutt but sure knew his truck. >> you notice it because you have to come to a stop sign. and people just fly right by. >> reporter: the speed limit on mcnutt's street is 25 miles per hour. george sorrow says he worried the truck would hit nearby kids walking home from schools, including his own three. others had the same fear. >> i would say, on average, about 45, 55 miles an hour, i would see this car, this truck go guy. -- by. and it was disturbing. >> reporter: the motive for this wild ride is still unclear. many jus
. at this point police are not commenting at all on this case. they haven't provided us with a suspect suspension they do not know of any suspect in custody. i'm jessica cartalia, wjz news. >>> thank you jessica. of course eden lounge is located in the heart of vernon. >>> sky high chopper 13 was over rout 40 in aberdine. you can see this sedan plowed into the back of a tractor trailer. it destroyed the car. three people were taken to the hospital. we do not have word on their condition. >>> tough new questions, a group of scientists bringing up questions on whether a maryland man was behind anthrax attacks. pat warren has more on the findings raising questions about who was responsible, pat. >> reporter: that's right a soon to be published paper raises the prospect that the maryland scientists accused of the crime could have had help or may have been innocent. letters dated the day of the world trade attack mailed to news outlets and u.s. senators contained anthrax that killed eight people and sickened 28 others. >> i still don't feel like i'm completely well. i sense from time to time that ther
, marching in solidarity, with oakland, after the violence there. >> i think most of us know what's wrong. but what most of us don't know is what to do about it. >> reporter: so what is baltimore city going to do? the mayor says she supports the cause and the right to free speech. and the city is thoashting with -- negotiating with demonstrators. it still remains unclear, though, how long they'll stay here. >> we believe they should have their first amendment rights and be able to protest. >> reporter: now, we're on a bit of an island here. not right in front of any store front. so far, we haven't heard of any major complaints from businesses. reporting live at the inner harbor, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> and mceldon square is a designated protest site in baltimore. >>> an emotional return. phylicia barnes' father returns to her home in north carolina, months after she vanished in baltimore. mary has more on his return. >> reporter: russell barnes drove from north carolina today to meet with high school students, teachers and counselors who knew phylicia. she was last seen in
there is an alert. >> we did not use our text alert system because of the people coming through and those two buildings that we knew would be impactd, we responded there and used the text alert system and went in the two buildings and formed the staff that we would shelter in place. >>> the chief said there was extra patrol and we saw them walking the ground and there was an e-mail that went out. here is how that looks. that is how he looks. not really enough information to calm fears here. >>> the victim was getting out of his black mercedes bend when he was shot and robbed and he was shot three times in the back and now his condition is going from critical to serious. >>> thank you, mike. >>> the police said two violent incidents on the campus in the last two years. >>> more on a convicted cuban spy and the return of an american man. >> cuba rejected the offer, saying that the united states's release has served most of his sentence. he has been behind bars since 2009, convicted of looking for democracy. in march, 15 years in prison. he was trying to help in the judicial community to work wi
that the two met in an online adult chat room. and the defense further says that rochelle battle used that room to set up dates for prostitution. reporting live in towson, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news, back to you on tv hill. >> the prosecution will continue its case tomorrow. >>> police and federal prosecutors just announced the indictments of dozens of gang members, suspected of crimes across the state. >> the reality is, this makes the community safer. because the result of the activities of these hoodlums is that they are creating fear in their communities. they're engaged in robberies, home invasion robberies, burglaries. they're putting drugs in their communities. >> the 35 suspects are allegedly members of a subset of the bloods gang that rdgessated in california. they're facing several federal charges, including racketeering. police believe the crimes stretched from western maryland to the eastern shore. >>> a 6-year-old girl is recovering now after she was attacked by a neighbor's dog. andrea fujii explains that the dog's fate is still up in the air. >> reporter: pania harris doesn'
. however, we are using teams and people experienced when the person is deceased. >> reporter: police arrested lopez in north carolina. he refuses to answer questions about the missing boy. according to new court records, police found another woman driving mcclain's suv and found his credit card and a box cutter in the hotel where they arrested lopez. they found 18 copies of their marriage certificate. he had a violent past. >> why a common person, i mean common, could do something like that, i'll never know. >> reporter: there were at 20 police officers involved in today's search. they plan to continue searching until they find him. reporting live in montgomery county for wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, mike. lopez has not been charged in connection with william's disappearance. >>> a missing baltimore teenager is found dead. the body of ryan jackson was found saturday? the 5500 block of pennington avenue. family members contacted police after they say they found blood in a a residence in the 700 block of rambo court and that's where jackson was last seen. >> we noticed there was
use tear gas. sky eye chopper 13 is live over mceldknow on square. where dozens are camped out. but they may no longer be allowed to stay there. wjz is live at that location right now. mike hellgren has more on the showdown, explaining why the protestors may soon be told to goat moving. >> reporter: vic, there was a little excitement here a few moments ago, when a guy came out and started yelling at the protestors. but it's been largely peaceful here. and while there's been a lot of talk of eviction, it hasn't happened yet. >> they're not giving us nothing to believe in. >> reporter: occupy baltimore protestors showed no signs they were giving up their tense sprawl. despite warnings from the city that overnight camping is illegal and a threat to evict the makeshift campground. >> i am clear that the city has made a huge mistake by threatening us and trying to pushous out. and if they act on that, they will regret it. >> reporter: in oakland, both protestors and officers were injured. >> they shot flash-bangs into the crowd. >> reporter: mayor says that she doesn't want that he
are telling us that william's body may have been dumped here as early as october 1st. >> reporter: police dog teams found the remains of 11-year- old william mcclane, just-- mcquain just after 9:00 in harts burg. the heartbreaking discovery caps off a search over acres in montgomery county. >> it's a miracle that they found him. -- the a great big area. and between here and north carolina, it's like finding a needle in a haystack. >> hoping that we had the little shred of hope that we would find william. that maybe the suspect dropped him off somewhere and said, you know, keep william -- that's what we were praying for. >> reporter: mcquain's body was found a few miles away from home, where mothers found his mother dead last week. she had been stabbed last week. they charged curtis lopez with her murder. he has a violent past. and it fled to north carolina, where authorities arrested him. he's now being extradited back to maryland. >> he will not be charged while he's in north carolina. we'll wait until he gets back here police say he uncovered video of lopez at a storage unit. >> he appeared
william. and we now know police used the cell phone to the accused killer. his stepdad's cell phone to track him and find his body. >> reporter: 11-year-old william mcquain's death has shaken people to the core. >> it's hard to believe that there is so much evil in the world. >> the murder of his mom was enough. but to take the little boy with her, it's incredible. >> reporter: flowers and pictures line the memorial where police found his body in clarks burg, along with messages and personal footballs from classmates. >> william was the most beautiful, wonderful, cheerful child in the entire world. entire world. and there is no reason this should have ever happened to him. >> reporter: william's stepfather, curtis lopez, is believed to have murdered him. police believe he stabbed his mom to death and then plotted to kill the little boy. >> reporter: at this gas station, near where the body was dumped. it shows a playful william, smiling as does another video of the two at a storage unit. just minutes after it was captured, he could would be dead, and it would take 17 days for author
was negligent in protecting phillip. >> never, no compassion, the words they used to describe my son, i will never get out of my head. >> the jury found four of the five officers on board that bus were negligent. attorneys for parker's family argued they did not properly restrain his killer kevin johns and they waited to get medical care for packager. >> i've become skeptical after 40 years of doing this, of what it will mean. i hope there will be better attention paid. >> it's hard to say congratulations and be receptive of that. it's never congratulations for melissa and phil. >> you're responsible for somebody's life, you should be there and do what you're supposed to do. >> it's likely the state will appeal and because of limits against maryland's liability, it's unlikely the family will ever see all of that money, but they say they're not in it for that. they sum approximately don't want another family to go through what they did. >> it's always been about my son, nothing else, for me, and the guards had to sit and look me in the eye and explain to me why they did nothing to help m
and bob turk will let us know what to expect and when. bob? >> a lot of the snow is going to melt on the roads. but there may be a point later tomorrow afternoon, when the snow is hard enough that it could actually be some slushy accumulation on the roads, north and west. city particularly. already light rain developing to the south. still too warm. a few spots out of western maryland. temperatures there are still only in the 30s. now, because of the precip headed our way, and because of the chilly temperatures expected tomorrow, they will issue for late tonight through the day tomorrow, a winter storm warning. north of the mason-dixon line and from frederick county west, as you can see, all of those counties, locally around the baltimore metro, north and west of the city, a winter storm watch. south and east of us, along the coast, a coastal flood advisory. can be some strong winds. can cause some flooding at time of high tide, right along the ocean city area down there along the shore. there could be pretty rough weather. >>> tim williams has a look at what we can expect and whe
administration has spent over $135 million to launch the interim government. >> the u.s. also participated in the nato. when tripoli fell in august, gadhafi disappeared. >> the libyan people now have a responsibility to build a tolerant and democratic nation. >> reporter: revolutionary forces still need to deal with fighters that remain loyal to the former leader, but without gadhafi. they see an easier path to the future. >> reporter: tara mermener, -- mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> libyans all over the world are celebrating the fall of their former dictator. >> news of cal daffy -- gadhafi's death spread quickly this morning. many are learning about it in phone calls from family members woare over -- who are over in libya. >> reporter: gadhafi's demise, welcome news to americans. terapolsi was born in tripoli, but his family spread to the united states. many extended family are still in libya. >> my entire adult life, we've always said, once we go back to libya, we'll do this. once gadhafi is gone, we can do this. and finally, when the day finally arrived, we were just overwhelmed wit
their story only with wjz. they tell us they are heartbroken, but they are also angry because 48 hours later that, driver has not been charged. >> i miss him. i miss him. [ crying ] i just want him back. i just want him back. >> reporter: nicole reese clings to a picture of her only son, 16-year-old brandon reese. on monday, the perryville high school junior was killed in what police describe as a hit- and-run crash. >> i hope that they understand that what they did was wrong. and they need to make it right. >> reporter: reese was killed right in front of his house on jacob tome highway in port deposit. police say he was skateboarding when a car struck him and drove off, outraging those who live near him in the closely-knit neighborhood. >> what would make somebody keep going? and you just don't run over somebody, that kind of impact, and keep on going, and not know you've hit something. >> reporter: later, investigators track down the freshly-damaged vehicle on main street, about a mile away. >> the driver was locate the. he was brought into the barrack for questioning, later released. and
winding down. when that pulled away, this is what we were left with. for most of us, you see nothing or only rain south and east of the city. numbers jump really quickly. where mike was, in some cases, close to a foot of snow. now, when you take that band, head it up into new england, some people saw over a foot of snow. so definitely a big storm any time of year, especially this early. we'll have your forecast here coming up shortly. back to you inside. >>> stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage. for updates any time, go to wjz.com. >>> a total loss. fire completely stroyed a historic mount washington landmark. adam may has emotional reaction from the tavern owner and the latest on plans to rebuild. >> reporter: just hours after locking up sunday night, fire alarms went off inside the mount washington tavern. >> was anything left intact in the back? >> it's hard to say. we haven't been able to enter the building yet. >> reporter: the owner says most of the building appears totaled. >> we're worried about our employees. they're like family to us. we have several that have b
. as did both president obama and president president clinton, who called jobs an inspiration to us all. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> apple's stock which traded about $5 a share, passed $400 a share earlier this year. >>> spending more to light up. a possible tax increase is in the making. a tobacco tax for healthcare. political reporter pat warren explains, the health initialive is looking for public health support. >> reporter: where there's smoke, there's fire. anti-smoking crusaders are stoking the fire for another tax hike on cigarettes, which would bring the state tax to $3 a pack. >> it's crazy. >> it's bad enough we're paying two now. to raise it to three. i think that's maybe just to get people to quit smoking. because -- yeah. i think that is the reason. >> reporter: that is the reason. healthcare for all would like to see smokers taxed out of existence. >> nothing could be better for them and for the state than if nobody smoked. >> reporter: the general assembly can't say no. >> already, over 100 organizations from across maryland have endorsed it. hundreds more w
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